Headstone Cleaning Service

When a loved one passes, visiting their headstone, marker, or gravesite becomes a way for the bereaved to stay connected and pay their respects. Over time, headstones and markers are affected by biological growth such as lichen, algae, and mold. At Connexus Forensic Cleaning Solutions, we provide cleaning services to headstones and markers and include grass and weed trimming with all cleanings. Contact us to schedule a service.

Our Services

Connexus Forensic Cleaning Solutions uses top rated eco-friendly biological cleaning solutions, water, and soft bristle brushes to restore the condition of your loved one's marker or headstone.

Our cleaning process will remove lichen, algae, moss, mold, mildew, dirt and environmental stains. In addition, we trim overgrown grass, weeds, and roots that may be obstructing your loved one's marker or headstone. We also provide "before and after" photos of your loved one's marker or headstone.

**There will be a one-time $25 fee for all new customers**

**There will be additional charges for larger than average plots, markers, and headstones**

When inquiring about headstone and marker cleaning services via phone call, please make sure to include the following:

  • The services you are requesting

  • Name of loved one

  • Loved one's birth date

  • Loved one's death date

  • Name of cemetery

  • City & State of cemetery

  • Your relationship to the deceased